Friday, November 12, 2010

Morning Sickness & Stuffy Nose

I heard elderly said that some peoples go through their pregnancy without the morning sickness or any discomfort. I thought I would be among the lucky peoples because I've been feeling great since the good news. But things started to turn around few days after that. I've been having morning sickness and stuffy nose. Morning sickness was terrible. I couldn't eat well and this has cause me less eating. Stuffy nose was bad as well. It comes at night when I most needed my beauty sleep. I am really worried that my baby will not get enough nutrition and resting.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

First Dumb Thing

Remember the baby print that we got from our first check up? After the check up, we went to sundry shop to have our baby print laminated. It was the First Dumb Thing We Did As Parents. The baby print was a carbon copy and upon heating, the print turned black. When our baby print came out, it was all black. We were devastated. It was our first baby print and because of our 'not thinking common sense due to excitement', it was ruined! We really felt like crying.

The sundry guy apologized to us, and we told him that it is not his fault. A great remorse filled our hearts as we stood there for few minutes, wishing that we could turn back the time. I saw that hubby was really sad, and his face got me into senses. I comforted him, saying, "Never mind, darling. We can get another print during our second check up. And it's gonna be even clearer! Let's not get too sad over this, ok! We just got the good news, remember! And what's important is that our baby is healthy." He looked at me and said, "You're right, darling! What's important is baby is healthy!" We then had our dinner with smiling faces. love

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Visit to Gynae

And so, an appointment was made on the 26th Oct (5 days after the Home Pregnancy Test) to confirm the good news. We were both very excited to be able to have a confirmation on the good news by an expert but we were also fearing that the home pregnancy test might be a false alarm.

Upon reaching the Woman's Specialist Centre, the nurse registered me. Hubby was with me all the time. The nurse asked me stuffs like when's my last menstrual, how often we make love in a week, and others health related. Lastly she weighed and measured me. I was 160cm tall and 44kgs weight.

Then the nurse called us in and the doctor introduced himself as Dr. Leong to us. I wasn't really comfortable at the idea of having a male gynae but Dr.Leong makes it really easy for me to accept. He was very friendly and gentle. He makes me feel at ease almost instantly.

He had only asked me a few questions before asking me to lie down on the bed. Then he asked the nurse to prepare me for a vaginal scan. I was in shock and fears started to comes in. I wasn't prepared for such check-up. I thought it's just gonna be some blood test or something similar. I looked at my hubby and he looked back at me. It lasted for a few seconds. It was like we were exchanging conversations:
"What vaginal scan? Aren't he suppose to do some blood test to see if i am pregnant a not?" I asked.
"Don't worry! Just go ahead with doctor's instruction", he answered.

Reluctantly i walked to the bed, which is just 5-6 steps away from the doctor's table. The nurse closed the curtain, separating us from the doctor. She was also a friendly person. Gently, she asked me to take out my pants and undies. She held up a white blanket to cover my lower body so that i will not be too shy to get half naked in front of her. She then helped me up on the bed and positioned me with my knees up and covered my lower body with the white blanket. She smiled and me and said, "ok, you're ready!" before informing the doctor.

Dr. Leong stood next to me where the ultrasound machine was. He explained to me that this is perfectly safe for me and my baby. He then inserted a device called transducer into my vagina, close to the pelvic structures, and switched on the ultrasound monitor. I could see black and white things on it but couldn't determine what was it. He moved the transducer left and right to look for my baby. Then he said, "There you are!" and he continue,"ok, this is your baby." I looked at it, and it was just like a peanut. I almost cried. Dr.Leong then asked my hubby to come and have a look. He then zoom in to our baby and we could see its heart beating. It was like a peanut with two lines in the middle and both the lines were blinking. Dr. Leong even let us hear its heartbeat. "Dop..dop...dop..dop" Its heartbeat was so gentle and soft. Hubby had tears in his eyes and I knew he is gonna be a good father. We then had a print of our baby. Dr. Leong said that according to my menstrual cycle, i was 7 weeks pregnant but our baby seems to small for 7 weeks. He told us that he can only determine it at our next check up. Dr. Leong congratulate us and prescribed me with folic acid before dismissing us.

Diagram above taken from

Even tho' the scanning lasted for a few minutes only, but it was enough to cost me great discomfort. I told my hubby that if can, i would not want to have vaginal scan in our next check up nor near futures. He asked me to bear with it one or two more times until our baby is big enough for tummy scan. He then kissed me as a made up to my discomfort. "Easy for you to say!" i said in a sulky way.

Notes: First check up - RM150

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First Present From God Mom

Our baby got her/his first pressie from her/his God Mom Sh'n. And it's a baby journal that her/his parents wanted so much especially her/his mom whom was also looking for a nice baby journal. Thank you so much, God Mom Sh'n! We all love it so so much! love love love

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Meow Diaries

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Baby Stuff We Bought

We went for window-shopping for baby stuffs today since it's a public holiday. We had our eyes on so many things, like stroller, pampers, rocker, bath tub, pillows, cute clothings and many many more. Tho' we did not make any BIG purchases, it's the most joyful window-shopping we've ever made. Let me recap, we did not make any BIG purchases but we did make one tiny purchase, which is this cute little white mitten and booties. Since we didn't know its gender yet, we choose a white ones. Aren't they cute! I can't wait to fit my baby tiny hands and feet in these. senyum

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LadyJava's Lounge

The Finding Out

Having missed my period for two weeks, we began to suspect the good news. But not wanting to create any false alarm or false hope to our families members, we kept it cool and quiet under our own blanket. We thought, 2 weeks late could be anything, so just to be very sure, let's see a gynae when it is 3 weeks late. Day by day passes by so slowly after my two weeks of delay, we were getting more and more anxious.


Finally on the third day, which is on 20th Oct, we bought an in-house brand pregnancy test tube from a pharmacy near my office. There were two types, one is to place several drops of urine into a well in the test device and the other one is holding the test strips in the urine stream. We choose the later one which is the most common and easier one. We were really excited after buying the test device. But I was also afraid at the same time becoz I was worrying about the negative result.

During our journey back home, my heart was beating like crazy with anxieties and fears fighting against each others. I asked my hubby, "Do we really have to do this later? How about doing it tomorrow?" He laughed at me. Yeah, we both know that this is something we must get it done and no more delaying. So, upon reaching home, both of us eagerly opened the box. There was a instruction leaflet, it says, " done in the morning when the HCG at its highest." Not wanting to have an invalid result, we waited till the next morning.

The next morning was exciting for us. We woke up earlier than usual and went straight to the toilet to do the test. As soon as i took out the test device from my urine stream, the result window turned pink and within 3 seconds two deep pink lines appeared. "That's it? I am pregnant?" Tho' we were suspicious with the result but we were really happy. So, the next thing to do is make an appointment with the gynae.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Most Precious

Hello everyone! We are back again! Previously, in Time Goes By, we have shared our love stories from dating till marriage. And this time, in Our Most Precious, we will share our stories as we embark on a new chapter of our lives. It's gonna be full of anxieties, excitements, curiosities and fun! So make sure you follow us,fave or subscribe to our blog first! More juicy stories coming soon! love


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